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See a Show Reel of clips from some of the TV shows below:

Crime Monthly LWT Security Guard, Member Gang Hold up, Murder of Prostitute
Michael Winner True Crimes LWT Security Guard
Joe Pasquale Special LWT (Comedy Sketch)
Beadles About LWT (1988 - 1995 inclusive) - Several Comedy/Character Parts
Eastenders BBC Customs Officer - (Director Tony McHale)
Crimewatch File BBC Security Guard
The Silver Chair BBC A Rock Giant
Midnight Breaks CH4 Policeman (Film) - (Director Laurens C Postma)
Natural Born Killers Live TV Fred West (Documentary)
Crimewatch BBC Security Guard
An Audience With B.Conley LWT Hidden Camera
Real Men In Black New Moon TV Short film - Irate Train Passenger - Dir. Daryl Goodrich
Back the Bid New Moon TV Commercial - Road Sweeper - Dir. Daryl Goodrich